Boring Wash Days :(

  Hello! Here's the style I've been rocking. As I hope to stretch until the end of December (26 weeks), low manipul...


Hello! Here's the style I've been rocking. As I hope to stretch until the end of December (26 weeks), low manipulation 'dos like this are going to be my bestie. Tension blowdrying and general root stretching is also going to make a comeback with a vengeance. I'm currently at 14 weeks, so there's still a while to go.

I've been having very lacklustre wash days as I attempt to use up product that's just lingering around. I've just given my flatmate the Aussie Take the Heat Shampoo/Miracle Moisture pictured below so hopefully the rest will continue to diminish. When I'm using products I've found better alternatives for, it doesn't make me excited for wash days like I used to be or even for moisturising throughout the week. I think that's reflected itself in the state of my hair, which is only happy when I give in and use one of my favourite products

The Tresemme conditioner I will use up in co-cleansing. I'm quite sad about the Keratin Smooth mask as I used to love it, but it has been thoroughly superseded by the use of Aphogee 2 step as my hard protein and Herbal Essences (see below) in between.  Additionally, I have realised that if I stop wasting money on superfluous product buying, I can afford Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitionjng Creme which remains the best moisturiser I've ever had. Until then, however, it's ORS and Dr Miracle's for me. 

My current favourite products are these Herbal Essences deep conditioners. Don't let the packaging fool you, they have practically identical ingredients and react exactly the same on my hair, leaving it feeling soft and glorious. I buy each colour tub when they're on sale and they last for 4-8 washes, depending on how luxurious I'm feeling. No matter the state of my hair or what stage of the wash day I use them in, they always come out on top. My favourite though is Bee Strong because that smell is the one

I'm going to try very hard to blog regularly even though life's getting drastically in the way (I'm a medical student in my clinical years) and I'm not feeling the product situation. Until wash day!

Lam xx

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