2 Days Post...


See all that ugly stringy hair? It's gone!! I started talking with other UK based naturals who told me to just go for it, so I did. I realised that I was way too focussed on length and now that I've chopped and styled my hair, I regret nothing, even if I'm unable to bun all my hair. The images above showcase my first twist out on day 2 hair with two mini doughnut buns! I only have 4-5" of hair now so that's going to be a go to style for a minute.

I'm so happy to have one hair texture throughout. And I loove my hair. Everyone who says shrinkage is real is right though. The second those tendrils came off it was like my fro got sucked back into my head. My airdryed fro doesn't even slightly look like you could twist it!

I was quite shocked in the salon chair watching my hair fall to the floor and the hairdresser said that I'd be back to get it texturised or relaxed in no time at all because I'd want straight hair again. No chance. Forwards only, everyone.

xx Lam

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    Congrats chica! Your hair is so thick and full!

    KLP @ www.savingourstrands.com