(Co)Wash Day

So by today (3 days from wash), my hair is feeling pretty dry and crunchy. Adding moisture to it didn't do the trick today (maybe I'...

So by today (3 days from wash), my hair is feeling pretty dry and crunchy. Adding moisture to it didn't do the trick today (maybe I'm overdoing it on coconut oil in this cold weather) so I'm going to co-wash with Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner, do a green tea rinse and follow that up with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine.

I'm still very much feeling my way around all of this stuff. This has secret protein and I should? Shouldn't?? Use that on a co-wash day. That will cause protein overload and my hair will all break off... I just have to trust in the fact that my hair has stayed relatively consistent in the past year even though i would leave it in a bun on the top of my head for weeks (shh, don't tell anyone) ages. I must have been doing something okay for it to not have snapped off in its entirety.

Anyway, hopefully my hair will feel as soft today as it did on Saturday!

Post Wash

 After moisturising/sealing and detangling

 Well, my hair smelled amazing at every step? That was best part of this whole co-wash, really. The Aussie Miracle Moist made my hair feel so good. I am definitely going to put that on my list of must-rebuys. Cannot wait until all my surplus products are gone. I wetted my hair, poured on a load of conditioner, massaged it on my scalp, let it sit for five minutes and then rinsed it out, stroking all the while.

After that, I used my empty bottle to pour the tea over my hair until it was all gone (took about five minutes again). The tea made my hair feel awful but smelled soooo good. I don't think I'll do this step again until I have more moisture in my hair.

To round off, I soaked my hair in Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine. I left it on for 30mins to try and counteract the feeling the tea had left. It didn't work as well as the Miracle Moist, probably because it's not intended to be a moisturising conditioner. Lessons, lessons. My hair felt okay, but not as silky as during the first conditioner.

Upon airdrying with Lee Stafford Argan Oil Miracle Heat Defence Spray, my hair feels quite soft but not amazing. I noticed a fair few broken hairs when washing but this had stopped by the time i rinsed out the final conditioner. All in all, okay wash.

I bought some grapeseed oil yesterday, because the science behind that really speaks to me. So by next week's wash day, I'll have been experimenting with that a tad!

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