Wash Day!

I am now on day 2 of my official journey to grow long, thick and sick hair. Yesterday was my first wash day. I pre-shampooed with coconut oi...

I am now on day 2 of my official journey to grow long, thick and sick hair. Yesterday was my first wash day. I pre-shampooed with coconut oil overnight (I recently started using this after some research and i love it. It's much harder to overload on coconut oil than olive oil because it starts off solid so my hair doesn't look greasy). For the first hour, I had a hot towel on my head for penetration - I don't have a steamer or anything and I currently don't have any plans to spend any money on one.

When I woke up the next day, I detangled then shampooed using John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo. I plan on using up all my old products before i fully move onto new ones but this has always made my hair feel nice and clean. I separated my hair and put diluted shampoo on my scalp with an old bottle (left) to reduce manipulation.

I recently read about the benefits of doing colour/clear rinses so I did a red rinse as I have subtle ombre hair. My hair felt soo silky smooth after, I couldn't stop stroking it!I don't know that it made much of a difference to my hair colour though, as I didn't leave it in for very long. I'll try longer next time.


I squeezed most of the water out of my hair in order to saturate it with my deep conditioner: Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment. I used two shower caps to keep heat in and rinsed after an hour. I love this conditioner - it makes my hair so moist. After rinsing, I followed with Lee Stafford Nourishing Conditioner, which has some protein in it. I think I'll leave off keratin/protein for now apart from a little of this.


Below is so you can see what my hair length (shoulder length) is at the moment while wet. I'd like to reach and maintain thick bra strap length but I think it'll take a while as I repair damage and get rid of my red ends (which may hold me back, we'll see). I'm currently 5-6 weeks post relaxer (8th October) so will be looking to retouch in early January.

After my hair had dried for the most part, I sprayed it with Lee Stafford Argan Oil Heat Defence Spray (not pictured) combed it through (losing pretty much no hair), moisturised with Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm (pictured below) and sealed with coconut oil. At first, I didn't like the balm, but once I'd used it after my first official wash day, it made my hair feel so soft so there was probably product build up stopping it from working. With regards to the spray, I decided to use it as a leave-in for lack of a proper one!

My hairstyle today, and what it looks like tonight after moisturising and sealing. Even though I airdryed my hair, it's really quite smooth and straight  and so I feel like going forward, I will avoid heat as much as possible. My hair has never felt so soft and supple! Only a few days in and I'm feeling good about this all, even if it will take a lot longer to wash my hair.


Next week, I think I'll mostly the same but switch the colour rinse for a green tea rinse. For now, I'll drink the stuff, ha.

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  1. finally someone who has the exact baby fine hair like me

    1. My hair really is sooo fine - I never realised this before