(Co)Wash Day

I simply didn't have the time with work to do a proper wash (I pre-poo with oil every time and I've read it needs 8 hours to reach f...

I simply didn't have the time with work to do a proper wash (I pre-poo with oil every time and I've read it needs 8 hours to reach full adsorption). My hair definitely needed moisture, though, as it had been in a protective style for a week and was beginning to feel a little cruncy. So instead, I just slathered my hair with TreSemmé Luxurious Moisture (must have used 1/3 of a bottle, whatever, it's cheap) and my oil mix (grapeseed/evoo/coconut).

Made sure I got a lot of conditioner on my ends and little on my roots because last time the Trésemme made my scalp sting quite badly. I also made sure I rinsed out thoroughly this time, running water through my roots multiple times. That definitely helped. I started with warmish water and switched to cool towards the end to seal my cuticles.

Then, I used my usual leave-in combo of Trevor Sorbie Volume Leave-in Conditioner, Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm and oil mix. As I was running short of time, I did this when my hair was still quite damp. It made the leave-in go on much more nicely (it does say use on towel-dried hair) and I got to use less moisturiser. It made it harder to know how much oil I was using, though. I detangled with my fingers because I knew I was in a hurry and I'd probably rip half my hair off if I used a comb. A looooooad of hair came out and I was freaked out before I remembered that I had had my hair up for a week and none of those hairs could shed. Also, all the hairs were long and I didn't see a single broken one! Not to say that there weren't ones I didn't see, but still.

I put my hair up damp in two mini buns and sort of forgot about it until like a day later! My hair when it came down was really bouncy and fun:

 (all clipped up and styled)

I'm not sure if I'll wash my hair properly until next week, when I think I'll use something with keratin (or layer different products) just to ensure that my line of demarcation is strong because I've got a fair bit of regrowth (10.5 weeks post). I am not a person who cares about regrowth - in fact I find it quite fun to look at and see how it's growing. But both my parents have dug their fingers in recently, sooo... I will probably relax in another 4-6 weeks. I currently have about an inch of growth (give or take) over my whole head, so another half would be nice.

All in all, grand success of a wash day! Really, the fewer things I do to my hair, the better off it is (that shouldn't be so much of a revelation, really).

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