Wash day! (conditioner is my friend)

(thought I'd start with the end! please disregard the sudocrem) End result: fluffy, soft hair. I had it crosswrapped to take away...

(thought I'd start with the end! please disregard the sudocrem)

End result: fluffy, soft hair. I had it crosswrapped to take away some of the volume but my hair is still a little damp now (i didn't leave it up long enough because I'm going out so it's not as flat as it could be. 

Now, how did I do it?

I pre-pooed with my oil mix overnight and shampooed with Herbal Essences Moisture Balance Shampoo because I could feel the build-up from one of my leave-ins sprays, Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture.
I've yet to find a way in which this works on my hair without feeling horrifically producty-y.

So even though my hair was really moisturised after my lazy co-wash, it started to feel pretty dry soon enough. Being lazy (again, notice a trend here? My blog is well-named), I though I could just overnight baggy with this spray in my hair but it wasn't a good idea. My hair felt okay, but a bit crunchy and tangled (because I didn't wrap it, only piled it on top of my head).

So to remove all the build up, I used the Herbal Essences, because it has no silicone. I also tried something new! I live in an area of hard water, so I used bottled filtered water to rinse out to make sure there was no minerals deposits. That's something I might try again but with more water available(I only had 4L to hand).

 I then used my Colour Restore (Deep Red) as a colour rinse (well, I actually left it on for 30 mins) to rejuvenate my colour and correct porosity issues. Usually I only put it on my coloured ends, but this time I put it on my entire head and I think it's made a difference to my overall hair colour!

After that, I then got onto conditioners... Today, I used four! Four!

 Each part of my hair needed something a little different. On my roots, I used Lee Stafford Nourishing Conditioner as it has a little keratin and I wanted to strengthen my line of demarcation but not overwhelm my new growth.

On the length, I used L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist X3 Reinforcing Conditioner. This is a protein conditioner as you might have guessed. I looove the packaging so much. Haven't had a chance to use it until now because it's a protein containing conditioner.

(what a name...)

On the lower parts to tips, I used my favourite product, TreSemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Masque. They definitely needed it because I had quite a lot of broken hairs and they weren't just ends. To top everything off, I coated everything with TreSemmé Luxurious Moisture just to make sure there were no bit of hair left unconditioned.

After that, I rinsed with the bottled water again and airdyed to 70-80% with the help of a tshirt. I put in my leave-in and moisturiser (Trevor Sorbie Volume Leave-in Conditioner, Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm) and my coconut/evoo/grapeseed oil mix.

I used my dedicated hair scissors to snip off about 1cm of hair off my very tips (twisted hair in four sections then cut off the very bottom). A couple of hairs got around 1 inch cut off. I know that this is a good chunk of the hair I've attained between relaxers, but I'd rather have blunt ends and if I trim myself, I don't have to let the hairdresser. Also, the hairs that don't reach that far (only about 50 hairs per section go down to where I cut off) still have all their growth.

I feel like using bottled water has helped my hair immensely this week in terms of reducing the minerals that might deposit from the water in my area. When I'm clarifying, I think this'll be a good thing to do to make sure I get the most out of the cleanse.

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