Wash day!

I'm getting so lazy! I need to look at my blog title and realise that I'm supposed to be overcoming lazy, not becoming more so. So ...

I'm getting so lazy! I need to look at my blog title and realise that I'm supposed to be overcoming lazy, not becoming more so. So here's a wash day post at a bit more than 2 weeks post relaxer. I was so glad to wash my hair after the first week because my dead straight blowed out hair was snapping like nobody's business. It was because I'd got used to having natural roots and there was now no give - my hair was at full extension with little tolerance for pulling. After a wash, the natural waves from airdrying gave me a bit more leeway. I had to be extremely gentle when detangling. Onto detailing of my full weekly washing regimen.

[1] I pre-pooed overnight with a hot oil mix of grapeseed oil/coconut oil/rapeseed oil. Usually my mix has extra virgin olive oil in it instead of rapeseed oil but I'm a poor student no longer living at home and I can't afford that ish so I just use what we have as a flat for cooking.

(this is an old oil mix with olive oil instead of rapeseed)

[2] When I woke up, I rinsed my hair a little then washed with my sulphate-free shampoo, Naked Shine Honey and Mallow Hydrating Shampoo. I will likely clarify in a few weeks to remove silicone build-up. I love this shampoo now that I can use it properly. I lather it in my hands then massage it through my scalp. I then lather a little bit more and apply to the length of my hair and rinse out. If I don't lather before applying, I end up with way too much product on my head and it strips my hair.

[3] I then squeezed the water out of my hair and applied my deep conditioner, John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque (around £6). Before my relaxer, I had been using a normal conditioner mixed with oil for my deep condition because I didn't want to spend money on my expensive previous product, Lee Stafford Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment (around £12) or use my trusty Tresemm√© Keratin Smooth Treatment Masque every week. However, I didn't realise how badly my hair needed something with higher concentrations of product until I bought the John Frieda. Sorry, hair. There's a tiny bit of milk protein in this product but it's practically the last ingredient so I consider it solely moisturising. I used Keratin Smooth on my ends and massaged in some of my oil mix to top it all off. I left this in for just over an hour with my hair wrapped in a towel under two shower caps then rinsed thoroughly. I did a final rinse with cold water.

[4] I squeezed water out of my hair with a towel then tshirt dried for around 45 minutes. My hair was still a little damp afterwards.
Hair post wash is soft and moisturised!

[5] I then applied my watery leave-in conditioner, Trevor Sorbie Volume Leave-in Conditioner. This stuff makes my hair really easy to finger detangle. After that, I applied a few drops of oil to each of four sections I put my hair into and then applied Darcy's Botanicals Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme, using the LOC (liquid, oil, cream/conditioner) method. I will be so sad when the Coconut Lemongrass Creme finishes because I simply can't afford to replace it with the postage costs. I'll have to move onto the other Darcy's Botanicals products I bought at the same time but haven't used since my relaxer. To finish off, I put a drop of my new Dove Style+Care Nourishing Dry Ends Serum, which I love, on each section's ends. It stops my ends from tangling and leaves them feeling very soft and smooth.
(Apologies for the terrible webcam photos, by the by. I have noo idea where my digital camera is)
Hair post-detangling and leave-ins! Fluffy~ Also, if compared to how my hair looked after air drying early in my hair journey, you can see how far it's come:
No more excessive frizziness and yes to better thickness and length.

[6] I've currently got my hair airdrying in a low loose bun as I've realised that my hair tends to stay where it's put after drying. So if I dry in a high bun, my hair won't hang, which looks a bit odd. After drying, I'll likely just keep it pinned up and out of the way for the week. I enjoyed having straight hair for a bit, but I'm bored again now.

Whew! My wash day seems really simple, easy and streamlined when I'm doing it, but writing it all out is a bit of a faff. Well, nothing's likely to change for now, apart from a couple of products I've got that I'm yet to trial properly so I won't have to do this again fully for a while. I'm good for products though (yeah yeah, that's what they all say...) for now.


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