My long term plan...

My wash day a few days ago was very much the same as last week's with the only major difference being me washing my hair in braids inste...

My wash day a few days ago was very much the same as last week's with the only major difference being me washing my hair in braids instead of loose. This resulted in much fewer tangles and meant I didn't have to finger comb as much. My hair seems to be thanking me for that, and today it feels really moisturised, soft and strong. I used to have very crispy ends and even these seem to be improving - they are no longer crispy at the front and are definitely improving at the back of my head.

But anyway, as there was nothing really to post, I thought I'd talk about my long-term hair goals. Length-wise, I would love my hair to be a U shape, with the shortest parts (not including face framing) being bra-strap length (BSL) and the longest part mid-back length (MBL).

Kinda like this shape but a good few inches shorter at the longest part
(image from

At a growth rate of 1" every three or so months, and my hair currently being armpit length (APL) and ~5" away from touching BSL, it will take me a bit longer than a year for my hair to reach my first goal. So it will probably take another 1-1.5 years after that to trim my hair gradually into the shape I want. This leaves me with my goal length/shaped hair. 2-2.5 years seems like a long time, but 4 months has already flown by!

Now the question is, to relax/texlax/transition? If I choose to texlax from now, it'll take me ~5.5 years to get my hair a uniform texture at BSL/MBL U shape. That is sooo long! But I've got to think long-term, right? Well...

I don't 100% like relaxed hair on me. My hair is not that thick and I only enjoy it when it is airdried or with a good amount of new growth. However, this may improve as my very short broken hairs are able to catch up with the rest of my hair. My hair being relaxed is mostly due to habit. It's expensive and mistakes can have a huge toll.

Texlaxing gives way more body, which is something I covet, and if I airdried, I bet it would look brilliant. As you make the relaxer weaker or use it for less time, there is also less potential for scalp damage. Upkeep is way harder though and I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to self-relax happily so I'd be trusting someone else to get the texture right every time.

Transitioning is a very long term plan. I liked my natural hair and I think now I know more about hair I could definitely make it thrive. However, I don't like my hair as much when I can't swish it about and also natural hair on the face and neck can get really annoying. I also would have to give up on U shape hair as I would want a cut that flattered my hair in it's unstraightened state. I would like to be natural again one day, though.

So it looks like I should get started on switching to texlaxed hair! I'm going to go to Darren Scott Salon for my next relaxer armed with all the info I can find on it and see how they can help me out (especially with regards to working out  a consistent formula/technique). I can't wait for all that volume!


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