Relaxer update!

Well, first impressions are that my hair is as flat as always but that could be due to the fact that it's still wet (I am literally sti...

Well, first impressions are that my hair is as flat as always but that could be due to the fact that it's still wet (I am literally still in the chair as I write this sentence!).
I went to Darren Scott as usual and told my stylist I wanted hair straighter than a texturiser but more curly than a relaxer. She looked a bit bewildered but willing to give it a go. She did warn me though that I might see more breakage. However, if I keep on top of protein usage, I'm sure I'll be fine. The whole process was probably 15 minutes (but I was busy reading Vogue so who's counting).  She smoothed once and as soon as she had done that, she rinsed out and did the mid step protein before neutralising. I won't see the real results until I wash my hair next week as I got my hair blowdried so it's pretty flat. However, my hair doesn't feel crispy at all like it often does post relaxer so even if it's pretty straight I know I only need it to be left on for this amount of time! Additionally, when taking these photos, I noticed that my roots are definitely not as bone straight as the rest of my hair. There's a bit of wave (that was impossible to photograph). Again, we'll see on wash day!

Left my digital camera at my flat so official photos with length check top to follow because I'm curious to compare to past months. Length and thickness wise, this is where I'm at:

From the front...

 And the back...

Aaand the top. Hello scalp and glossy hair!

My ponytail feels lots thicker so I can't wait for my airdried texture. Length seems to be mostly the same as I've been pretty scissor happy. Probably cut off 1.5-2" this stretch because my ends were a thin disaster. Therefore my hair is a little thicker but the same length mostly. This stretch I'm going to stave off trims and only dust. Afterwards, I will allow myself to have a proper salon cut and whatever gets chopped gets chopped. I've recently been lusting after long bobs so if I need to be taken back to short hair I'll embrace it!

I was feeling all out of sorts about my hair and I reckon it's due to the long stretch (was actually 21 weeks!). When I leave my new growth for too long it makes me want to just cut all my relaxed hair off because shrinkage makes it seem so thin. But this is not just about hair, it is about becoming a less lazy, more patient person. How can I do that if I give into every whim and don't hold out for my goals? I am determined to keep my hair relaxed until I graduate uni in three years barring any hair disasters!

How time flies when you're having fun! Excited for the months to come, and here's a reminder of where I started 34 weeks/8 months ago:

'Til next time,

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  1. Your progress is amazing! Your hair has retained so much length in 8 months chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you and I'm glad someone else can see it! Keep wondering if I'm making up the length in my head...