In LUSH with henna!

 New colour! Caca (I know) Rouge from LUSH Yeah, I was sleeping on this stuff, I'm not ashamed to admit. I've made a bunch of...

 New colour! Caca (I know) Rouge from LUSH

Yeah, I was sleeping on this stuff, I'm not ashamed to admit. I've made a bunch of new purchases recently, my favourite amongst them being my new DSLR (finally made the plunge!) and LUSH's henna blocks. I was actually given a sample square which was enough to cover my hair completely (that's babyfine hair for you). So my block that I bought will last 6 applications which is a lot more economical than their recommendation to use the whole block (that shop sure isn't cheap). Also, the sales people in my local are lovely and even remembered me/what colour henna I wanted when I came in to purchase after my test!

Initial things I've noticed:
  • Noticeable strengthening of hair from one application. I could feel that my strands had more resilience as soon as I started rinsing the henna out.
  • Noticeable thickening/increased weight to hair. When I was squeezing water out of my hair, it was like... where did this extra volume come from?
  • Beautiful colour (see above!) that shows up when light is shone through my hair. This was more than I was expecting, because my hair is dark. I expect this to become a little more apparent as I henna more.
  • Glossy glossy glossy! Such a wonderful shine
  • No dried out feeling to hair as many report. My hair loves protein (I've heard henna acts similarly), however - enough that I use Aphogee 2 step nearly every time I wash my hair. So I wasn't expecting it to have a negative effect on my fine fine hair.
Why I like the LUSH henna:
  • Really moisturising/conditioning - I loved the way it felt as I was rinsing it out (even if it is a bit grainy and requires quite a bit of conditioner to wash out)
  • Pre-mixed so I don't have to faff around with getting all the various necessaries together
  • For me, it's economical because I seem to only need 1 out of 6 squares for my application
I don't have any negatives of note, just that it is a little bit messy/grainy, but the messiness can be rectified by having the mixture a little thicker than they say you should. It also smells... earthy, shall we say. It's quite the powerful aroma. Also, it was fine to go to sleep in (I was told in the shop that 4 hours max is sufficient, but ehh, I was tired) as long as you've clingfilmed, showercapped, wrapped and hatted that stuff! Crossing my fingers that this strengthening of my hair will make my transition much easier to bear (although it's going very well at the moment).

xx Lam

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