Time to relax (not that way!) - 31 weeks post

  Protective styling just in time for a summer challenge! The year from hell has finally finished, although I still have to wait a ...

 Protective styling just in time for a summer challenge!

The year from hell has finally finished, although I still have to wait a week or so until results come out and I find out whether I've made it to the next year or have to repeat... Medical school is a marathon. The first thing I did upon finishing was another type of marathon! I twisted up my hair in a cute protective style I've been itching to try for a while. It took me a while to work out how to do these twists and to work with the kinky textured hair, but I love it. I also like the shorter look on me, which is something I've not tried before with braids. I'm going to try my best to not forget about my hair and keep it looked after, but the pre-style wash day was on point, thanks to the products below...

Rubbish quality, sorry. Dark and Lovely Coil Moisturising Soufflé, Dove Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask and Supreme Creme Serum, Dove Intense Repair Leave-in conditioner, and Naked Shine Hydrating Shampoo/Conditioner. Also pictured is my oil mix: shea butter, hemp seed, olive, and coconut with sweet orange essential oil for smell.

I've also sorted through all my products and have stumbled onto the staples I believe I will now be using going forward, which is great (with some Aphogee thrown in every now and again for protein). Dove has never done me wrong and surprise surprise! They've come out with a line for curlies. I really liked this shampoo when I tried it so took a gamble on the conditioner and it's perfect for detangling. Lots of slip and silicone free so reduces build up (which was important recently as I relied on co-washing this past few months). My favourite surprise here was the Dark and Lovely Coil Moisturising Soufflé. It states that it is for tight coils and curls. It's amazing to see something actually marketed to my hair type for once!

I'm a firm believer in the manufacturer knowing what products suit each hair type. I am also veeery lazy (as you know) and I don't like to go to more than once place to get my hair supplies. So I'm glad to now be able to get a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in and moisturising cream all from Boots (who also do deliveries to your nearest shop, hurray!) and for reasonable prices.

Although I have my staples, I'm also still interested in experimenting with things such as bentonite clay, and I'll continue to do henna treatments on my hair. I like a bit of the natural every now and again! Very much hoping that the 30 day challenge stops me from neglecting my hair, as well as my shiny new products.

xx Lam

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